Let's Encrypt now supports IDNs

Today was a huge leap forward for humankind, for it marks the day that Let's Encrypt now supports internationalized domain names. That means that you can now get certs with non-ASCII characters in them, which will be huge in helping Let's Encrypt improve HTTPS uptake in countries that use languages outside of the traditional ASCII character set.

More importantly for me, it means that https://👉👁.pokeinthe.io is now a thing.

How did I do this? First, you must transform unicode (in this case, the 👉👁 emoji) into what is called punycode. Punycode is simply a method of representing unicode characters in ASCII, the only characters supported by the domain name system (DNS). There are many ways to do it, including a simple tool at punycoder.com. For 👉👁, its punycode encoding is xn--mp8hpa.

I simply setup DNS for xn--mp8hpa.pokeinthe.io, updated my nginx configuration to include xn--mp8hpa.pokeinthe.io in its server_name parameter, and requested a cert using my favorite Let's Encrypt client (lego):

root@pokeinthe:~# /opt/go/bin/lego -d pokeinthe.io -d www.pokeinthe.io -d 'xn--mp8hpa.pokeinthe.io' --email 'april@pokeinthe.io' --accept-tos -k ec384 --webroot /var/www/pokeinthe.io --path '/etc/lego' run
2016/10/21 17:30:02 [INFO][pokeinthe.io, www.pokeinthe.io, xn--ls8h.pokeinthe.io] acme: Obtaining bundled SAN certificate
2016/10/21 17:30:03 [INFO][pokeinthe.io] acme: Authorization already valid; skipping challenge
2016/10/21 17:30:03 [INFO][www.pokeinthe.io] acme: Authorization already valid; skipping challenge
2016/10/21 17:30:03 [INFO][xn--ls8h.pokeinthe.io] acme: Could not find solver for: tls-sni-01
2016/10/21 17:30:03 [INFO][xn--ls8h.pokeinthe.io] acme: Trying to solve HTTP-01
2016/10/21 17:30:04 [INFO][xn--ls8h.pokeinthe.io] The server validated our request
2016/10/21 17:30:04 [INFO][pokeinthe.io, www.pokeinthe.io, xn--ls8h.pokeinthe.io] acme: Validations succeeded; requesting certificates
2016/10/21 17:30:04 [INFO] acme: Requesting issuer cert from https://acme-v01.api.letsencrypt.org/acme/issuer-cert
2016/10/21 17:30:04 [INFO][pokeinthe.io] Server responded with a certificate.

A simple reload of nginx later, and my blog is available where it always should have been.

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