Lore of MTG - Battlemage

Magic: The Gathering: BattleMage

Released in 1997, Magic: The Gathering - BattleMage was a real-time strategy game by Acclaim Entertainment. Published for the PlayStation and PC, its gameplay was bears little resemblence to the Magic we know today. Nevertheless, it is filled with an incredible amount of lore from early Magic history.

Due to its age and rarity – as well as the storyline's many branching paths – this lore was long-since considered lost to the Vorthos community.

Given Magic’s return to Dominaria, and BattleMage's significance in cards such as Time of Ice, I thought it best to crawl through BattleMage's code to extract the lore contained within.

I do hope you enjoy these texts, which are ordered as they appear in the game. Please contact me if you notice any mistakes in the editing. Thanks!



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